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AFM label compilation “All For Metal”

At Vance's track "Cold As Ice" will be featured on the new AFM label compilation “All For Metal” that will be released on November 30th.

“ALL FOR METAL” - Tracklist CD:
01. MADE OF HATE – Bullet In Your Head
02. X-WORLD/5 – Cyber Christ
03. AXXIS – Doom Of Destiny (Arabia)
04. PARADOX – Infected
05. JON OLIVA’S PAIN - Through The Eyes Of The King
06. EDEN’S CURSE – Fly Away
07. AT VANCE – Cold As Ice
08. ROB ROCK – Garden Of Chaos
09. CRYSTAL BALL – Minor Key
10. HELSTAR – The King Is Dead
11. HEADHUNTER – Parody Of Life
12. MEKONG DELTA – Purification
13. PRESIDENT EVIL – Hell In A Box
14. ALMAH – Children Of Lies
16. DEZPERADOZ – Rawhide
18. BLACK MESSIAH – Moskau


AFM label compilation “Heart Breakers”

At Vance's track "Lost In Your Love" will be featured on the new AFM label compilation “Heart Breakers” - a collection of Hard Rock & Metal Ballads that will be released on December 7th.

“HEART BREAKERS” - Tracklist:
01. KROKUS - Angel Of My Dreams
02. EDEN’S CURSE - The Voice Inside
03. SHAKRA - Love Will Find A Way
04. THE POODLES - Crying
05: EDGUY - Land Of The Miracle
07. JON OLIVA’S PAIN - Still I Pray For You Now
08. AT VANCE - Lost In Your Love
09. KOTIPELTO - After The Rain
10. AXXIS - The Fire Still Burns
11. ROB ROCK - Unconditional
12. CRYSTAL BALL - Dreaming Of You
13. NOSTRADAMEUS - Not Only Women Bleed
14. DORO - Warrior Soul
15. MASTERPLAN - Dying Just To Live
16. BEAUTIFUL SIN - Closer To My Heart
17. AVANTASIA - Into The Unknown
18. U.D.O. - Tears Of A Clown

South America Tour: Dec 12-20, 2007 with Rage

Unfortunately, the South America tour was cancelled by the promoters. We are truly sorry for all our South American fans! However, it's beyond our powers if promoters don't do their jobs in a professional way and thereby prevent concerts of foreign bands from happening. We are confident that the future will bring better conditions, so we can work with trustworthy promoters and be able to play shows for our South American fans!

With the engagement of Manuel Walther (bass) and Alex Landenburg (drums) At Vance's line-up is more powerful than ever!

New reviews for "VII" posted in PRESS section!

The mic has been handed over to Rick Altzi

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The new At Vance "VII" was released on June, 29. As the name already says, the band built around fabulous guitarist Olaf Lenk, already releasing its seventh album. So what's different then? Well, in truth not much, but did you really expect that a band who had established its own sound so strongly on the last six releases would break the mould and do away with its very own interpretation on neo-classical Power Metal that crosses elegantly with the true spirit of 80's Hard Rock? No! All they've done is to step ahead again. Listen to the dramatic groove snaking through "Shiver" or the ultra catchy "Cold As Ice" where the new At Vance singer Rick Altzi shows his brilliant range.

The tracklist of "VII":
Breaking The Night
Cold As Ice
Friendly Fire
Golden Leaves
Answer Me
Lost In Your Love

On "VII" At Vance score because of the charismatic voice of new singer Rick Altzi and the passionate guitar play of Olaf Lenk, with their mixture from catchy melodies and strong riffs they stay true to their mars-direction. Since 1999, Olaf Lenk rocks through the Metal genre with At Vance and also with album No. 7, he manages to integrate refreshing aspects in his combination of melody and rhythm. The basis of his music always remains untouched ? the band has long plumbed their strengths, so there is no need for a radical change. The songs on "VII" convince by the ingenious guitars of Mr. Lenk, with which he passionately expresses his joy in music and his love the instrument. The mic has again been handed over to the gifted youngster, Rick Altzi (Treasure Land), who breathes life into the songs with his charismatic voice. If you already liked the predecessor, "Chained", you'll be delighted by this current release, too. Edgy riffs, rocky rhythms and a lot of power make this album, mastered by Mika Jussila in the Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, a classic for the scene. (EMP Editorial - 10.04.2007)

Feel free to contact Olaf Lenk concerning
- production/ studio assistance
- him giving a guest performance on your album
- him doing a guitar guitar, bass or recording workshop in your hometown
- booking privat lessons

Please use this adress: production@at-vance.com
Also, feel free to write to him if you need any kind of musical or technical advice!

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