At Vance 2007- Olaf Lenk - Rick Altzi

Is it really that long ago? AT VANCE, the band built around fabulous guitarist Olaf Lenk, already releasing its seventh album, tentatively entitled "VII"! So what's different then? Well, in truth not much, but did you really expect that a band who had established its own sound so strongly on the last six releases would break the mould and do away with its very own interpretation on neo-classical Power Metal that crosses elegantly with the true spirit of 80's Hard Rock? No!

All they've done is to step ahead again. Listen to the dramatic groove snaking through "Shiver" or the ultra catchy "Cold As Ice" where new singer Rick Altzi shows his brilliant range. AT VANCE are, quality personified. If you thought Lenk couldn't improve - prepare yourself! The situation is different now: the most important change is of course the addition of new singer Rick Altzi (TREASURE LAND). Olaf is enthusiastic about it : "It was a real joy to finally work with a singer whose visions are close to mine and who is nice and uncomplicated, too. Beside this Rick is a fantastic singer and I think I also found a great buddy in him."

AT VANCE were founded by Lenk, the man already known through his solo albums, as guitarist in the legendary ZED YAGO and Progressive project CENTERS. In 1998 the first album "No Escape" was a hint of things to come; but things really got interesting with 2000's “Heart Of Steel” where AT VANCE surprised the public with a truly stunning album that was then followed and built on by 2001's "Dragonchaser".

After signing with AFM Records in 2002, the band then released "Only Human" and got stuck into touring the name around Europe with RHAPSODY (OF FIRE) and ANGEL DUST. Singer Oliver Hartmann then left the band because of lack of passion for roadwork. A worthy replacement was found in former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN singer Mats Leven. Lenk spent the next few months writing furiously and 2003's album "The Evil In You" was surprisingly deep, emotional and fresh. A tour with KAMELOT followed. After that "Chained", saw the light of day in 2005 and secured chart entries in Scandinavia. The band then toured with BRAINSTORM and MERCENARY. Any doubts as to the success of AT VANCE had been dismissed!

AT VANCE show no sign of weakness with "VII". Start to discover the wonderful material herein and delight in the fine production and mixing of Olaf Lenk and the mastering of Mika Jussila (Finnvox studios, Helsinki), but just make sure you stay "at-vanced" of the game the whole way!

Manuel Walther (Bass) | Alex Landenburg (Drums)

With the engagement of bass player Manuel Walther (instructor: PR Music Factory; guitarist: PURPLE HAZE) and drummer Alex Landenburg (ANNIHILATOR tour drummer; PHILOSOPHOBIA; BROKEN GRACE etc.) Olaf Lenk has once again formed a powerful line-up, making 2007's AT VANCE more powerful than ever!

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